Saturday, December 8, 2012


Nigerian-born Omoseye Bolaji has been honoured with two Lifetime Achievement awards in recognition of his contributions to literature, especially in South Africa. Bolaji has published some 30 books comprising fiction, essays, poetry, criticism, biographies and drama. He has been conferred with the Chancellor's Medal by the University of the Free State, and he was also bestowed with a major Chieftaincy title in Ibadanland (Nigeria) - all thanks to his writing career. Omoseye Bolaji is the creator and writer of the “Tebogo mystery series” books which feature the sleuth-protagonist, Tebogo Mokoena. A film documentary on Bolaji, titled ‘Home away from home’ has been produced by the Big Fish film-makers in Johannesburg.

List of Works by author

The Termagant (1988) They Never Say When (1994) Eagles at USA '94 (1994) Snippets (1998) Fillets of Plaice (2000) Impossible Love (2000) Tebogo Investigates (2000) The story of Collins Mokhotho (2000) The ghostly Adversary (2001) The Guillotine (2001) Tebogo's spot of bother (2001) Thoughts on Free State Writing (2002) You never know with women (2002) Tebogo Fails (2003) People of the Townships (2003) Molebogeng Alitta Mokhuoa (2004) Ask Tebogo (2004) My Opinion (2005) The Subtle transgressor (2006) Reverie (2006) Poems from Mauritius (2007) My life and Literature (2007) Tebogo and the Haka (2008) Tebogo and the epithalamion (2009) Tebogo and the pantophagist (2010) Miscellaneous Writings (2011) Tebogo and the Bacchae (2012) It Couldn't Matter Less (2013) KUNLE APANTAKU (2013) Collected Poems (2013)


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Omoseye Bolaji: Channelling one’s thoughts onto paper. By Charmaine Kolwane (2005)

Tebogo on the prowl: A study of private sleuth Tebogo Mokoena created by Omoseye Bolaji: By Petro Schonfeld. (2006)

THE TRIUMPH: Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award for Bolaji. By Urbain Tila (2007)

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BOLAJI IN HIS POMPa bio-critical overview of writer Omoseye Bolaji. By Pule Lechesa (2013)


  1. Chief this is a lifetime worth of inspiration,
    Thank you for penning & illustrating that word can convey a message so deep.

  2. Over the last few years since this profile came out, the author has published new books like Far up far out far more (2014), Windmills of the Dames (2014), Cognoscenti (2016), and Sorry you've been Troubled (2017)

  3. And we can still bring this Profile up to date by pointing out that the author has published a new work of fiction this year, titled Tebogo and Uriah Heep (2018). It is the 9th in the Tebogo Mystery series.